Ideas for a Green Bathroom Remodeling

Posted August 12, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

Are you thinking about doing a bathroom remodel? If so, let’s dig a little deeper and see if you have considered green bathroom remodeling. Once you go green, you will see how many benefits stay with you not only for the duration of the remodel session but long after as well.

You may associate a green bathroom remodeling with doing your part for the environment, but it also has many benefits for you and your family. You get to save energy and save money, as well. The best news is that you do not have to compromise on quality or style either. This is a win/win situation all the way around.

Check out our ideas below for some ideas on how to incorporate green into your bathroom remodel project and feel free to go social with us here and leave a comment

There is probably not an aspect of your bathroom remodel that going green would not cover, so let’s check them out next:


Countertops are probably the most fun to choose. There are so many different designs and styles. You can choose countertops made from recycled materials that resemble things such as:

  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Or even granite

Meanwhile, this is not the case. These countertops could actually come from something such as recycled newspaper. Imagine that!


Of course, cabinetry would make the most sense as far as choosing recycled materials. Recycled wood is of course the most popular. Natural organic materials such as bamboo and certified woods are excellent choices.


You can have so much fun with eco-friendly flooring. You have so many choices each beautiful in its own right. Green flooring brings a touch of the natural into your bathroom making bathing or showering an even more delightful experience. You can choose things such as bamboo, cork, and repurposed lumber for example.


As far as lighting goes, always remember to choose LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs use lots less energy than your traditional and standard, old-fashioned light bulb. There are different wattages and these bulbs provide just as much light as standard light bulbs, but save you tons of money in the end while saving energy as well. If you can save money and serve the purpose while preserving energy, that is a winning combination.

Water Devices

Toilets, sinks, faucets, and shower heads all come in water saving manners. You can purchase low flow toilets and install shower heads that consume less water, as well. When it comes to saving money and energy, the choices you make concerning water consumption are where you are going to make the biggest impact and save the most money and water, as well.

As you can see, you do not have to compromise style in exchange for water efficiency, saving money, and going green.

So, there you have it, a couple of great ways that you can do a bathroom remodel and save energy and money while doing so. Don’t forget, these are all beautiful and stylish options, as well.

Posted August 12, 2014
by Gabriel Posternak.


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