Paint it black - how to go dark and chic with your walls

Posted February 23, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Black walls are not banished to rebel teenagers’ rooms any more and are a cool and elegant trend to try on different areas of a house. Despite the white-on-white color trend and the minimalistic light design fashion, you can go dark and chic with your walls. Find out how to succeed doing it in this post!

Choose the right partner

The key to be chic and not overdoing it is to carefully choose a partner for your black walls. Luckily, modern paints let you achieve any color you can dream of, and there are also lots of shades in upholstery and decorations to match.

In any case, to assure the integrity and endurance of the special colors -both in paints and fabrics- you should choose the best quality ones, since a cheap option will begin to fade rapidly and your investment will be wasted.

Black + light wood

Lush, expensive pale woods will stand out with black walls for a contemporary look. You can choose birch, arctic oak or frosted maple for your flooring or light scandinavian-style furniture and shelves.


Via Decoholic

If you are feeling bold, you can take advantage of the new black appliances and go black with walls and countertops in the kitchen with eye catching light wooden cabinets.

Black + vintage metallics

You can add some steampunk feeling to your spaces with a combination of black walls and warm metallics.


Via The Design Daredevil

This trend goes amazingly for bedrooms where you can add splashes of copper and bronze with lamps and beds, or even some wall decor for a more extreme look. The perk: you can find copper and gold fabrics for linen and upholstery to add more drama in a very easy way.

Black + coral red

Coral red and all the light reds find in nature are a match made in heaven with black paint. You can add the pale red details to cushions and drapes, lamp shades or even in the upholstery or a small chair or a pouf.


Via Stories of Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Try to avoid the dark saturated reds or you will feel entering a 1980’s film.

Black + white

The charm of the classics, reinvented. Instead of white walls with black accents, let’s try the inverse adding accents with white leather sofas and white light fixtures. For very bright areas, you can go all matte black with just the doors’ and windows’ frames in lacquered white.


Via Benjamin Moore

This trend goes perfectly with glass decorations and vases and luxurious thick flokati area rugs.

Black + vitamin colors

Turquoise, calypso, green, lime, fuchsia and yellow are perfect to add character to a black room. This youthful style is ideal for family rooms and entertainment areas where some chaos in decoration is welcomed to hide some untidiness. You can choose this strong colors for plastic containers for toys or huge bean bags and rugs.


Via KidsDepot NL

Black with strong, powerful colors are also a winning combination for private theaters and man caves. Remember that add enough light sources -at least for cleaning ;)- for this type of rooms, because they can be too dark if not planned carefully.


Via Bold Empire

Black walls and decor can be for everyone and a perfect fit for different sets and rooms, so don’t hold yourself back on it. With a sensitive design, quality materials and a good paint contractor you can create a fashionable, cool room with a great ambience. Are you ready to paint it black?

Posted February 23, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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