Posted January 20, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

The 5 color trends that will dominate 2016

There is a lot you can do to renovate spaces with just a change in colors. From wall paint to pieces of decoration or upholstery color can create beautiful rooms with less money than a complete remodel. Color are bets, however, as each passing year brings a new trend in the palette for your walls. 2016, of course, isn't different, and we're already taking requests of some of the colors that will dominate this year. Which ones? Check them out below!

White on white

Bright, clean, classy rooms are the best example of this color trend. Benjamin Moore also take the risk of calling it “The color of the year” from Simply White OC-117 to their multiple white shades to create volume.


Going from the lightest pinks and vanilla to the more saturated periwinkle or mauve, the pastel color combination is a trend to follow on 2016. Multiple shades combined to make calm and relaxed spaces.


Grey and metals

Various shades of grey, combined with metals and neat lines are great for both industrial-like designs or luxury classics. Splashes of color or light to create accents are welcome.


Nature and earth

Nature colors are present in painting and decoration in formal traditional designs from floor to roof or present in earthy materials like luxurious woods, stones and natural rugs. Greens, browns, yellows and earth are a fit for most of the design and styles that we will find on 2016 trends.


Bold contrasts

And, as a grand finale, most of the paint manufacturing companies and decorators highlight a trend that is most innovative this year and will surely continue to develop the next: bold contrasts.

6938316284_e5dae45715_k Photo credit: mauxditty via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Great quality paints and fabrics can replicate almost any color you have in mind, and this is put to use in the most stunning designs for every room in the house, but mainly in living rooms and entertainment areas.

Are you already imagining which color palette is right for you? Tell us in the comments! :)


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