Picking the right colors for your kitchen, step by step

Posted March 02, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

The kitchen is the most lively space in every home and its color should reflect your lifestyle while providing a pleasant space. You should feel comfortable in a space where you spend so much of your time! That's why when facing a kitchen remodel or redesign, picking the right color is an essential step towards success. Are you somewhat lost? Don't worry - we will help you with this step by step guide.

  • Choose a color scheme

Are you more inclined to the warm and organic or the cool and minimalist? The color palette will set the overall feeling of the kitchen so this is the first step. Choose a group of colors you love -not just a shade- and that represent the energy you are looking for the kitchen.


Most paint manufacturers already have groups of shades that are well together so you can choose between them and bring the color chips home to discuss them with the rest of the household.

Meanwhile, you can browse the following galleries of kitchen colors for inspiration:

Benjamin Moore - Behr - Sherwin-Williams - California Paints - Dutch Boy - Glidden

  • Integrate cabinets, appliances and other furniture

As you must have noticed in the first step, the color of your kitchen is more than the wall paint, so now is the moment to put everything in consideration.

Cabinets usually cover most of the wall space and can set a master color on their own, so think if you are going with natural, stained or painted wood or plain color laminate. If you want to keep them as they are, you will be forced to adjust your color palette to match them; but if you want to change, a cabinet refacing could be a very cost-savvy option.

  • Think about flooring and countertops to match

Flooring and countertops are the next thing to take into consideration, because they are the most durable items in the kitchen and that require the most work to replace. If you decide to keep the old ones, you will be tied to choose a color scheme that match them.


If you are designing complete kitchen remodel or addition, choose new countertops and flooring in neutral colors, so they will surely combine with the palette chosen now and will be easier to match to another palette in the future.

  • Add accents and play with decor

Finally, you need to take care of backsplashes, furniture and accents. Backsplashes usually are coated with tiles or boards, so you can choose some strong shade to create accent within the color scheme you choose in the first step. A dark or vibrant color that is not suitable for big areas can be perfect for that.

You can play freely with contrasting colors in furniture, blinders, stools or chair’s upholstery. These are the things most easy and cheap to interchange, so give yourself the luxury of not being neutral here.

  • Wrap everything together with the correct lighting

Take the chips of paint you selected in the first step and analyze them under natural light and at night -with the actual lighting of your kitchen- to check if they look exactly the same in both situations.

Artificial light can impact seriously on the shades of paints and you don't want to see your subtle apricot wall transformed in wild tangerine at night. For better results, paint an area of your wall, let it dry completely and do the checking all day long. You might want to adjust the mixing -ask your seller or contractor- and even change your lighting fixtures and bulb temperature to create the right atmosphere.


You can pick the right colors for your kitchen for a complete remodel or just to renew the things that are outdated, but in both cases your quality of life will be improved. With the help of a trusted contractor and this easy step by step guide, your new kitchen is very close to happen now.

Posted March 02, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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