Posted March 15, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

7 maintenance tasks you shouldn't ignore

When seasons change there are some maintenance to do in every house but now, with warmer days and distractions, we tend to leave things behind and finally forget about them. But, hey, winter and cold climate can put stress to your home that you will notice when it’s too late and that will cost you fortunes. Avoiding this, though, is amazingly easy - you only have to take care of the following 7 maintenance tasks this spring.

1 - Check foundations and walls and repair cracks

Whether you have sidings, bricks, paint or stucco check the whole exterior of your house for cracks or water damage, especially old wooden sidings or the masonry near downspouts or gutters. If you find damage, repair them before extreme hot days arrive and consult with your contractor about replacements for outdated materials.

Both outside and inside the building, check foundation for masonry cracks. Routine recaulking can be tricky business, so better leave this job to professionals that apply an epoxy injection to seal chemically the fractures.

Remember that those cracks and spoils could mean structural damage, and if unattended can result in corruption of concrete, plumbing and wiring altogether.

2 - Repair windows and doors sealing

Check the integrity of frames, doors and window sills and make sure there are no leaks. Clean and replace damaged screens and fix points and harden putty. Grease and lubricate hinges, casements and locks to make sure they will work fine while open and close more frequently in Summer.


Air leakage through faulty windows or doors will force your air conditioning system, wasting energy that will reflect in your utility bill.

3 - Clean roof and gutters

Examine your roof for missing tiles or shingles, pest infection or cracks and clean it thoroughly. If you own solar panels, this should be a good time for their routine maintenance, too.

Check and wash the gutters and downspouts to make sure there are no obstructions or leaks. A dripping roof or gutter can destroy quietly the attic or the room below and fail to insulate the house, causing a huge energy waste.

4 - Replace HVAC filters

Call your HVAC service to do a full maintenance, replace the filters and check the vents, hoses and draining pans before converting it to cold.


Besides the obvious reason of indoor air quality, a neglected HVAC system is forced to work harder to deliver even the minimum performance. You won’t get a comfortable temperature and you will drain your wallet on electricity for the same reason.

5 - Purge your water heating equipment

Empty and clean your water heating equipment and check the plumbing. Purge it with a special sediment remover if you live in a zone with hard water running.

Sediment builds inside tanks and pipes and can cause obstructions on pipes or even accidents in more extreme cases, so take care of it once a year after the hot water peak season.

6 - Water irrigation

Open the main valves you close on winter that feed the outside faucets and check the irrigation system. Make it run for some minutes on a dry day to check if there are leaks on pipes or unwanted puddles show.


A neglected outside plumbing can have invisible leaks that percolate ruining concrete and soil, while wasting precious water and increasing the bills.

7 - Clean, repair and paint decks and patios

Brush away leaves and debris accumulated between boards or pavers and sprinkle with herbicide to avoid unwanted grass or weeds. Replace damaged pieces, check for termites or other bugs and apply a coat of sealer or paint with UV filter to protect the wood if needed.

Tend the patio cover as the main roof, inspecting it and cleaning the gutters and spouts. Decks and patios are usually made of weather resistant materials -specially cured wood- but sometimes they are subject to pest or water damage too. An inspection at the beginning of the season could save you lots of money on repairs when you start to use it heavily.

The tasks are plenty, but you must rely on contractors and servicemen for some of them, so you must keep going and start to book them soon.

You cannot avoid the passing of time, neither does your house, so to take care of its maintenance now to have it sound on the times to come

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