5 timeless kitchen trends that won’t go out of style

Posted August 01, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

We’ve seen it countless times – customers that want their kitchens to be unique and really stand out. They ask us for bold colors, complex layouts and the hottest materials. Sure, no one knows better what’s best for a kitchen than its owner. Yet, there are people that go so far with the ‘trendy’ feeling that they end up with a kitchen remodel that loses all of its appeal after a few years.

That’s why we always remind them to stick to established trends and materials that will be amazing for decades to come. You can have a beautiful kitchen remodel AND be bold – you just have to be creative with the following timeless kitchen trends!

1 – Simplicity before anything else

Don’t overcomplicate things when planning your new kitchen. This can apply to everything from kitchen layout to cabinets and countertops. Strong horizontal lines are especially enduring, so keep that in mind when designing your remodel. How to get it? Long and horizontal cabinet pulls, thick countertops, open shelves, glass cabinets.


2 – Play with the basics

Color trends come and go but there are basic palettes that never fail. Of all of them, black and white combinations are always winners. Nowadays, more and more people are leaning towards white kitchen, and for good reason. White provides a notorious sense of space and elegance that go with practically any color you want. Playing with colorful accessories you can dramatically change your kitchen appearance without major effort. Black, on the other hand, is tricky to maintain yet you can use it on your backsplash or trim to add some accents and rhythm.


3 – Rely on wood

Hardwood floors have been a favorite for many years and that trend won’t definitely go away. That’s because it adds a cozy effect to the atmosphere while also being versatile enough to fit in practically any layout you use it. In fact, you don’t even have to go with hardwood if you can’t afford it (or want a floor that’s easier to maintain). There are wood-like alternatives that serve the same purpose, so be sure to talk with your kitchen contractor to learn about all the options.


4 – Go wild with silver

Polished silver is one of the most powerful allies for your kitchen. There are tons of hardware, faucets, shelf brackets and more for you to pick and give an extra touch of sophistication to your kitchen. If you combine that with stainless steel appliances, you’ll have a winning combo with which you can play with small splashes of color here and there for the ultimate elegant look.


5 – Don’t forget to look up

Now, lots of people are taking down their upper cabinets to let the ceiling shine in the spotlight. It’s funny because it has been overlooked for so long but the ceiling has a huge potential to play with the layout and complement your entire kitchen. Contrasting the shapes and the lights, you’ll have a complete kitchen everyone will love from top to bottom.


You can embrace all the trends that you won’t and make countless changes to your kitchen. But if you’re betting all your money on a single kitchen remodel, perhaps it’s better to play it safe and go with the options that will make you feel in love even after many years together. Just get the right kitchen remodeling services and put your creativity into action to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted!

Posted August 01, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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