How To Shop For Kitchen Cabinets Like A Pro

Posted October 24, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Doing a kitchen remodel might seem overwhelming, especially in the beginning. If you’re like most homeowners, you will find a local contractor, (preferably a licensed contractor), and begin throwing around kitchen remodeling ideas.

It’s easy in the beginning to get overexcited and then to lose steam just as quickly. Don’t lose heart though; with any kitchen remodel there will be challenges, especially if you are remodeling a small kitchen.

There are many elements to deal with. For starters, you will have to discuss kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, walls, floors, windows, and lighting. Then there are choices to be made as far as paint colors and window treatments and accessories.

Breaking your kitchen remodel down to smaller more manageable projects is the only way to go. Start with the biggest item first and work your way down. For example, begin with the hardest and biggest choices first – the kitchen cabinets.

Know Your Colors

It’s always fun to go into a store and look at every color cabinet from dark walnut to oak. However, this will confuse you more. Know your color scheme before you go in; have a general idea of what you want and how light or dark you will go. Do you prefer the darker walnut or the lighter oak? Know before you go.

Know Your Brand

It helps to do some research online before you go to pick out your cabinets. Research the different brands sold by home stores. Compare and contrast prices. Check out the reviews. It’s very important to take time to research which are best and how much they cost.

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Know Your Price Point

Walking into a home store not knowing your price point is not a good idea. You must know how much is in the budget and where you are willing to be flexible and where you will not compromise when it comes to your choices.


Know Your Space

When you see those kitchen cabinets on display, it’s easy to lose your focus. Keep your space limits in mind when you go shopping. When you know your limits, you won’t be apt to choose cabinets that don’t fit or go over your budget.

Know Your Finishes

It’s also important to know the different veneers. There are solid wood cabinets – cherry, oak, and pine. There is also particleboard with similar finishes. Make sure you educate yourself ahead of time by doing some research.

Know Your Storage Needs

You probably won’t think of this on your own, so it’s a good tip to hold onto and remember. When you know what your storage needs are up front, you can set out to find the right cabinets for you and your family. Do you bake a lot and want a storage pantry or do you need extra-large storage space for oversized pots and pans?

With these tips before you head into the store, you’re more likely to make a more educated choice. 

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Posted October 24, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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