2016 - the year of the modern-style bathroom

Posted January 18, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

The bathroom has seen its fair share of changes over the decades and it has carried the "modern" moniker dozens of times through them. So why experts are talking about 2016 as the year of the modern-style bathroom? Aren't all new bathrooms "modern" in some point or the other? In some sense, yes. But the bathroom remodels we're seeing this year mark the consolidation of different trends that converge to give that modern feel that seems like the future has shaken hands with the traditional styles.

What does the experts say

Big investments, like bathroom upgrades, carry a lot of attention of both homeowners and architects so designs should be up-to-date to last more years than a painting or a decoration job. That underlines the importance of having a design that feels familiar yet has some avantgarde strokes to it

There is also an increasing interest in upgrading to low-flow fixtures and energy saving heating without sacrificing modern spa bathroom designs. Is that possible? Manufacturers are working for the answer to be "hell, yeah!". Traditional companies like Kohler joins conservation campaigns and American Standard creates a whole line of water efficient products with cutting design so you can have it all.

What makes a bathroom modern

Freestanding bathtubs: Some time ago, traditional built-in bathtubs were removed for a more efficient shower box but now tubes return to the scene with various designs that need a lot less water to be filled.


Heated floors: Even pricey, a heated bathroom floor can let you keep the rest of the house with a lower temperature while you are dressed and still be comfortable there when naked.

Tiles, wood, stone and metal: Floor to ceiling tiles, timber coating, stone accents and sinks and non-traditional metals like coated copper or brass for fixtures will dominate the modern or transitional designs.


Functionality: Cabinets and shelves for toiletries and towels and materials that are easy to clean so you can keep the space smart with less effort.

High-tech: From showers to toilets with subtle light so you can wake up gradually to water resistant stereo systems for bathrooms that can be controlled from the smart phone, technology arrived to bathrooms too.

And some more modern bathroom trends that are still evolving, but you can summarize them with ecological + functional + technological.

Whether you cannot wait to adopt these trends on your next bathroom remodel or think this is some piece of science fiction, there are surely some tips that suits you. Do you want a relaxing space like a spa? Are you worried with the water consumption of your household? Are you a techno fan that cannot separate yourself from your phone even in the shower? Modern-style bathrooms are the next big thing, so don’t miss this trend in your next remodel.

Posted January 18, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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