Home Improvement 2015: Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Posted March 03, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

Are you thinking of doing a bathroom remodeling project as part of your home improvement in 2015? Not only is that exciting; it is innovative as well. Bathroom remodeling has come a long way. Bathroom remodeling is of course a personal matter, but lately has become an opportunity for the homeowner to go green, as well.

Here are a few great ways to achieve both goals of remodeling your bathroom and taking care of the environment. It’s a win-win home improvement project!

Going Green in 2015 with Your Bathroom Remodel
  • Bringing the outdoors inside – When it comes to going green, there is no better place to start than in your bathroom. There are so many ways to incorporate nature into your bathroom remodel. Use all natural woods for the walls or floors incorporating re-purposed wood or vintage barns as well. Additionally, stone and lots of natural lighting are perfect choices for saving energy and avoid using artificial materials.
  • Water, Water Everywhere – Not only is water a natural part of any bathroom, but today is used in one of the nicest trends for 2015: waterfalls inside the bathroom. Whether you use a free standing waterfall or incorporate a waterfall theme above your tub (such as natural stones pouring the water into your tub), using waterfalls has a nice earthy feel. It is also relaxing beyond measure.
  • Going Green with Greenery – Many homeowners are incorporating tons of greenery inside their bathrooms from simple plants to grand displays of in-the-wall foliage. Try your hand at a vertical garden above your tub.
  • Welcome back to the open floor plan – The open floor plan was quite popular many years ago and is now making a comeback. Even bedrooms with bathrooms are incorporating the open floor plan. With the commode tucked out of sight, the rest of the bathroom is not behind closed walls, but styled as an open floor plan.
  • Lots of Windows – Floor to ceiling windows are also making a comeback for 2015 in an effort to bring inside a more outdoorsy feel. This gives the home a more natural atmosphere.

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  • All custom bathrooms – No longer are homeowners seeking to remodel their bathrooms with stock merchandise. Vanities and cupboards are all custom-made for 2015.
  • Simplicity – Simplicity is back in the bathroom once again. Homeowners are seeking designs that are simple and clean, as well as choosing colors that are close to nature such as greens and browns.
  • Metallic – Copper and bronze are making a comeback as well in bathroom design. These metals are being sculpted throughout the bathroom remodel from ceiling to floor.
  • Peaceful Serenity – With the economy being what it is, individuals are seeking a place to retreat to that doesn't consist of expensive trips away. The bathroom becomes that place in 2015. Retreating to a luxurious spa tub or to all-natural wood walls and flooring make the bathroom a Zen retreat in the comfort of your own home.
  • Freestanding tubs – The return of the four legged free-standing tub is a reality. These tubs now come in styles from contemporary to antique with many choice and style colors, as well.

So, what will your choice of remodel be for 2015? Why not look into a freestanding tub or incorporating a waterfall into your new Zen remodel? Whatever choice you make, don’t forget the important: always go with the greener alternative.

Posted March 03, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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