Let autumn into your home with these 4 trends

Posted September 20, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Fall has just begun and as it happens with each new season, hot new trends are making their way into our homes. If you’re thinking about refreshing your house, remodeling a room or just add some nice trendy touch here and there, then you definitely want to consider this fall’s styles – welcoming, soft and comfortable. Check them out!

Cozy rooms and warm atmospheres

The combination of a warm palette and textures with a retro feel are all the rage now, thanks to the influence of Millenials taste in decor. This can be seen in rugs and wool products, all kinds of patterns and neutral colors. This autumn brings back blue to the spotlight, with sky and turquoise as the most sought  colors for furnishes, objects and accents. Combine that with the proper amount of lighting and you’ll have welcoming room that will make you want to stay in til next spring.

Statements up and front

Rooms might be getting more easygoing and minimalist in several aspects but that doesn’t mean you can have some fun with a dramatic statement in each of your rooms. The idea is to provide each room with something to define it and draw the attention of your visitors. Think of chandeliers, designer furnishings with curves and objects inspired on ‘70s and ‘80s styles.

More metal

From stainless steel to rubbed bronze, metallic materials have been trending for quite some time now – and they are getting stronger by the minute. Most people like to pick one specific color and go with it throughout a specific room (stainless steel kitchen, anyone?). But the time has come to mix things up a little and create minimal layers that provide some rhythm. Mind you, we say mix things up just a little, so don’t go overboard and don’t force this trend – a couple of metallic pieces of different finish should be enough to get the effect.

Long live the pattern

Geometrical patterns have turned into a staple of the last couple of years and became the go-to pattern for many people looking for a modern and simple look. But geometrics aren’t alone anymore – this fall, the trend brings us minerals prints, floral patterns and all kinds of motifs for any type of home and style. Wallpaper will be the rising star this season, even going beyond walls to decor ceilings and furniture for unique spaces that brim with personality.

As you can see, this fall is about the return of certain classics but in reinvented forms. Light yet bold combinations of materials are in the horizon and the homeowner’s individuality is at the center stage. If you dare, this season will let you pursue your wildest dreams and still feel trendy in a stunning home.

Posted September 20, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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