Natural Gas Vs. Burning Fireplaces

Posted November 17, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

When it comes to home heating and green tips for winter, of course the question of, which is better natural gas or burning fireplaces comes into play. If you truly want to incorporate green living into your winter home heating, it is important to explore the pros and cons of each system. Just as with anything else, both systems have pros and cons.

Natural Gas

Of course, just like anything else, personal preference comes into play. As far as natural gas fireplaces are concerned, you may have a personal preference for more efficiency in the area of technology. With natural gas, there is no need to concern yourself with cutting our chopping wood, a place to store that wood, or the mess involved. Moreover, there is no dirt, soot, or ashes to contend with either. Therefore, you do not have the same messy issues with natural gas fireplaces as you do with wood-burning fireplaces.

Another perk, again a personal preference, is that with natural gas fireplaces you can place them anywhere you like in your home. They burn more efficiently and have the convenience of ventilation through a pipe in the wall.

A major disadvantage is that you do not get the ambience a real fireplace offers and another disadvantage is in having to worry about the safety of gas. As you can see, natural gas is cleaner, more efficient, and may be a bit safer in your mind’s eye.

Wood Burning Fireplace

On the other hand, a wood burning fireplace certainly does add a sense of aura, hearth, and home to any room in the house where it stands. For some, cutting and chopping and storing wood is part of the aura and draw of having a fireplace in the first place.

Some individuals do not mind the work involved as long as they can enjoy the smell, the ambience, and the sound of crackling flames after coming in from a cold winter’s day. After all, there is only one time during the year, depending on where you live, you get the opportunity to smell fresh burning wood in your home.

Another bonus of a wood-burning fireplace is that there are many fallen tree branches and limbs and old newspapers that you can use to add to the fire. Of course, wood-burning fireplaces need more maintenance and upkeep. You need to make certain that you clean your flu every year and you need to make certain that the fire is completely out before leaving your home. Another disadvantage of a wood-burning fireplace, is that outside animals may have an opportunity to come inside your home.

So as you can see there are benefits and disadvantages to both a wood-burning fireplace and a gas fireplace. At the end of the day, it is more about your personal preferences than anything else.

Posted November 17, 2014
by Gabriel Posternak.


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