The 6 reasons why your home needs an addition

Posted February 29, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Most people fear the prospect of an addition because is costly and takes time, but there are some circumstances in which you cannot avoid themYou may have already tried room swapping, repurposing a small space or even an extreme de-clutter but you still need more living square footage. It's pretty obvious that you need an addition. But that's not the only case. Let’s check the 6 reasons why your home might be needing an addition right now!

1 - You need more space

The obvious reason to it. Family getting bigger or house being small from the beginning are issues desperately asking for an addition.

There are countless of reasons where even a small addition yields big results like a few feet for a small kitchen, bathroom or garage, and there are some others that requires a bigger endeavor like an office to start home-working or an extra bedroom because the kids got old to share

2 - You need to house more family members

There is no revelation that more and more young adults are moving back to the family home and millennials don’t even leave it in the first place: According to a recent study, almost 40 percent of young adults live at home with their parents. On the other hand, seniors tend to prefer moving to their children's than to a retirement home and help with the care of grandchildren while their parents are working, in a settlement that benefits both parties.

If you have enough space, this type of addition can include an extra bedroom with a guest bathroom to provide with all the needed privacy.

3 - You need an additional source of income

With the bloom of services like AirBnB, building an addition of a studio with an independent bathroom gives you a fast return and help with the mortgage in the long run.

This is not the most common route for needing an addition, but is surely a strong trend in areas with high rent values or with lot of incoming travelers, and with the right financing it can end being paid only with its profits and no investment on the owner’s side.


4 - You need to keep your house

You feel that your house is a keeper but you still need some comforts that your house don’t provide, like enough garage space, a nice kitchen or a master bathroom, and start thinking about moving.

A big improvement like an addition -if planned wisely- could be even cheaper that moving if you start piling up all the cost associated to it, so sit with your contractor and do your numbers before starting to pack boxes.

5 - You need to boost your lifestyle

Your home is your paradise but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Some luxury additions like a modern style bathroom with spa amenities, a whole entertainment room, a library, a gym or a man cave can raise your lifestyle to the next level.

Not every addition springs from lack of space… sometimes an addition is just about spoiling yourself.

6 - You need more sunlight

A sunroom or an enclosed patio that can integrate with indoor space is a great way to transform a dark house in a bright pleasant home.

You can combine the new space tearing down solid walls with an open plan design or keep it divided with see-through doors to favor the run of sunlight. Together with being an energy efficient addition, an enclosed patio cost less than full-scale work and they give you just as much living space.

Home additions are a cost-efficient way to give your house the comfort you need without moving and there a lots of financing options to make this project attainable with any budget. If you find yourself in any of the situations accounted, give a call to your contractor and start your home improvement right away!

Featured photo credit: Brock Builders via / CC BY

Posted February 29, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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