Posted September 08, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Brief practical guide to picking your kitchen countertop

One of the most critical choices you’ll have to make when remodeling your kitchen is deciding on a countertop. This may seem easy but it's one of the trickiest things you’ll have to do (and if you look for countertop ideas online, you’ll be swarmed by the opinions). So, we thought we can help you out with that, not by pointing out which materials you should choose but what features you should be looking on a good countertop. Here are the key points!

What should the perfect kitchen countertop have

1 – Resistant to high temperatures. You’ve surely done this before – you take something out of the oven and put it on your countertop. Depending on the material you choose, this can be a HUGE mistake that can end up ruining your countertop for good. That’s why you should be looking for a tough alternative, able to endure high temperatures as well as resistant to scratches.

2 – Able to repel all kinds of liquids. Anyone who has ever been on a kitchen know that there are plenty of liquids laying around and prone to spill: oils, vinegars, wine, lemon (whose acid may ruin some materials). There are even some vegetables (like beets or tomatoes) that can leave stains all over the place. Given that you’ll be working on your countertop with all of these, you should be sure the countertop material won’t be compromised.

3 – Easy to clean. Duh, right? Well, you’d be surprised to learn how many people neglect this basic feature. But this is truly a no brainer – you’ll have gatherings, parties and meals where the kitchen will be the star, so you can’t afford to fight to get some stain off your countertop. With this in mind, your kitchen surely shine!

4 – Color. The 3 points above aren’t enough to get the perfect countertop. You should also pick a material that has enough color options to fit your dream kitchen’s style. None of the features above will ensure you’ll actually like your decision if you can’t have the color that matches your overall vision. So, if you don’t have the color you’re looking for, even if the countertop material match all of the criteria above, you should definitely look further.

All purpose materials

Though there are endless alternatives for your countertops, there are some materials that have proven to be almost all purpose. They can fit with most styles and they have several of the key points. Here they are!

Granite: an ever-popular choice, given its color availability. It’s super resistant, it’s easy to clean and it has an incredible lifespan.


Stainless steel: a more divisive pick, some people feel it’s too tacky and others don’t understand its appeal. But if you like, then you have a winner in it – it’s durable, easy to clean and lasts for a lifetime (there’s a reason why industrial kitchens use it!).

Synthetics: another interesting option that’s flexible enough to fit in almost any style. It’s also very durable and it’s one of the easiest options in the market to maintain.

Green materials: on Treeium’s opinion, the best choice. There are lots of materials to pick from, ranging from salvaged wood to recycled paper, all of which are incredibly easy to maintain, are durable and can fit most budgets (with the added bonus of being ecofriendly).

Given how brief this guide is, there are lots of things we can’t discuss here. But if you stick to the first 4 points and take it from there, you should end with the countertop you’ll love for your whole life. Or if you’re still having doubts, feel free to call us!

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