Open or closed kitchen - which one is for you?

Posted December 14, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

For years, kitchens were just workspaces, properly isolated from the social areas of the house. In the last decades, the kitchen became the heart of the home with open plan designs. Walls disappeared and it was integrated with adjacent family rooms and dining areas.

But, as fashion always comes back around, now you can find advocates for the traditional closed kitchen too, so you have to decide which is right for you.

Open kitchen pros and cons

The most obvious reason to choose an open kitchen is to multitask. You can watch tv or share with family and friends while cooking or cleaning but there are more good reasons to it.

Open plan kitchens give you a sense of volume in small spaces and increases the natural daylight by eliminating the opaque walls. They are also very good for reunions because they facilitate the conversation between guests and home cooks and keep things more casual and cozy.


In the cons column, think that with this configuration, your kitchen must be clean and tidy as the main room all the time. Also, if you are heavy on cooking remember that odors and dirt spread in the air to other areas even if you pick a good ventilation system.

Closed kitchen pros and cons

A walled kitchen is more private and better to organize a meal in advance. Contrary to the open plan, you can half prepare dishes and leave them to finish just when needed, without cluttering the entertaining space. Cooking odors are confined to the kitchen and the cook will mostly be undisturbed while working. With a closed kitchen, a messy countertop can wait till the morning and you will have more storage space on all the walls.


Most of the cons are consequences of the pros: isolated cooking, untidiness because nobody is watching and a more formal entertaining experience.

So, wich one is for you?

The kitchen is the most expensive room to remodel so think about changing the plan you already have before making an emotional choice. May be a remodel of your closed kitchen will do the trick and you can spend more money in cutting-edge appliances and new windows.

Also, you need to consider the general style of the house because you don’t want a remodel that don’t add value at the moment of resale or have a space that doesn’t integrate in design with the rest of the building.

And then, you won’t change your nature with your kitchen: if you are messy and love to cook, you will be more comfortable in a walled space; if you like to entertain with dips and drinks and your most elaborated meal is the morning cereal you will be delighted with an open space.

The best way to decide is sit with your designer, evaluate the actual plan and its possibilities and write a list of your desires and lifestyle with the entire household. You know, browsing Pinterest can’t be your only source of information :D

Is there anything else you need to know to make your decision? Leave it in the comment section and we will be happy to help.

Posted December 14, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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