Refacing kitchen cabinets: bring the new year into your kitchen!

Posted January 25, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

This year came with great new trends in kitchens’ design that surely invite you to start daydreaming about your own kitchen upgrade - like most of us! But once the dreams are done and we're faced with the reality of budget, we quickly dismiss the idea of renewing our kitchens and postpone it yet another time. However, this doesn't have to be your case. You can breathe in some new air into your kitchen with a simple and fairly cheap process - cabinet refacing!

Refacing, you say?

Basically, refacing include replacing the doors and covering the exposed frame of the cabinets and shelves to match the new style. A professional installer comes to measure the job and check the integrity of the frame to buy the new pieces. Depending on the type of finish or how custom are the new parts, some days later the professional returns with all the materials, removes all doors and drawer fronts and prepares the surfaces with a degreaser and light sanding. Then, the new fronts and finishes are applied and the job is done. You can check with your contractor whether you'll still be able to use the kitchen these days of the remodel. Easy, uh?

Changing your whole cabinetry can cost several thousand dollars on standard models, up to the price of a new car for a custom made one, while just refacing can cost you less than a half of that. On the downside, simple refacing will not fix a poor kitchen design or water/mold damaged cabinet frames and you can get over enthusiastic and spend loads of money in expensive materials like laminates or natural wood veneers. Be smart and ask a professional for a quote for your particular case.

Refacing options

A coat of paint: If you own solid wood kitchen cabinets still in a good shape but you got bored, you can just ask for a paint job to make your kitchen anew. Two-tone, white with color accents, pastels or gray with brushed steel hardware are the most popular choices for this type of job.


Photo credit: DC Interiors & Renovations via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Translucent materials: How about changing the fronts from solid wood to crystal clear or smoked glass? This is a nice touch that will change the look of your kitchen to the highly praised transitional design.


Photo credit: Nancy Hugo

Rigid thermofoil or plastic laminates: This less expensive option is perfect of you need highly durable, easy to clean and painted finish look like cabinets. This option is great for modern design kitchens. You can add luxury with metal knobs or fun accents with colored hardware.


Photo credit: Katie Lips

Real wood: And, of course, you can choose to change to natural wood which is the pricey option. From light maple to walnut and multiple stain colors, wood fronts and veneers must be treated to be protected against moisture and kitchen dirt.


Refacing kitchen cabinets is a very fun project and options are endless for each style and their combinations, even with a tight budget, so let’s bring the new year into your kitchen!

Posted January 25, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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