Posted December 08, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

Best Environmental Ads

When it comes to advertising, we all probably have our all-time favorite ads that we may never forget. Some of these advertisements may be brand new, while others are as old as our childhood; however, they still resonate with us today.

Today, environmental awareness has brought environmental ads to the forefront of what we see and hear in the many forms of media with which we interact. Environmental ads are now making waves and leaving an impression just as much as those jingles we remember as kids.

Environmental awareness is important these days and just about every business, organization, and individual is involved in some capacity or another, and rightfully so. Celebrities, sports figures, and politicians, as well as musicians are all seeking to play an active role in the health and well-being of our environment. Just about everywhere you turn, from bus depots to social media, going green is the scene.

Here are a few of those most memorable environmental ads.


This particular commercial starts off with several make-believe felons who are caught in the act of environmental infractions. There are “green” police everywhere catching bad guys for every infraction, from not composting to choosing plastic over paper. The commercial ends with the Audi racing ahead of a long line of traffic checks and getting the green light because of its fuel efficiency and clean energy.


Tide can take responsibility for its clever and memorable ad campaign by promoting the benefits of washing laundry in cold water. Together with the cold water and the extra strength cleaning ability of Tide makes Tide a winner in the eyes of environmentalists everywhere. Saving money and saving the planet are a win/win combination for this creative advertising.

Pharrell Williams

How about an advertising campaign that hosts a celebrity – those are always memorable. Pharrell Williams, owner of Bionic Yarn, got together with clothing maker G-Star Raw to create denim merchandise made from fiber derived from ocean waste, and intends to do the same with the Adidas brand. A little celebrity help goes a long way in this marketing campaign.


If you ask around, many individuals will still remember one of their favorite commercials from a past Superbowl commercial set. BMW announced how “ch-ch-changes” in diesel technology could greatly benefit humanity.

Venturi Automobiles

While Leonardo DiCaprio is, of course, best known for his role in the Titanic, as an environmentalist extraordinaire, he will join forces with Venturi Automobiles to promote electric vehicle racing. This partnership is all about lean, green, clean racing machines.

While of course, this is just to name a few, any type of advertisement with celebrity endorsement has the potential to be a hit with the product or campaign associated with them.

Some of these ads may be more memorable while some are more recent. However, one thing they all have in common is that being, staying and going green is the main agenda of them all.

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