California’s Green Economy is on the Rise and So are the Jobs

Posted December 04, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

With all this talk about going green, it’s nice to know that hundreds of thousands of individuals are interested in turning their homes into green living environments, are participating in the green industry in some way shape or form and seeking out eco-friendly jobs as well.

Some cities are more advanced than others when it comes to seeking green industry jobs. While some cities experience minimal growth in the job market, other cities are catching up quickly. It is nice to know that, moreover, some cities are even growing in both areas, the green job market and the general job market as well.

California is one state that can currently boast being in the top 10 with regard to being one of the largest economies in the world. A few years back California saw job growth and a steady pace above the national average. California’s employment has increased just under 8% while the rest of the nation is only enjoying close to 6% growth in the job market.

Thankfully, just about any industry you can think of in the state of California utilizes energy. Therefore, there is a vested interest in transitioning from traditional energy to green energy. This puts California’s job market in the front running for green energy usage and savings. Moreover, California prides itself on being in the forefront of the clean tech market by seeking, implementing, and utilizing new and innovative ways to go and stay green especially in the green job market.

"When I say Good Jobs you say GREEN Jobs!"

They say that when somebody copies you it is a form of a compliment. Many other countries are taking on the practicing of both complimenting and copying California as a leader in this area. Since California has become a leader in this arena many of the world’s larger economies are watching, learning, and growing as they begin to practice California’s policies and procedures in the hopes that they will lead to similar or better rewards.

It stands to reason that if California is implementing and utilizing new and better policies, practices, and procedures in the field of green energy, that this will open up more and more jobs to meet and fill this need.

It also stands to reason that if California is seeing so much success in incorporating green technology into its state thereby creating more and more jobs that the same formula will prove to be successful for any other states or countries that follow suit.

So as you can see, the creation of greener technology leads and paves the way to more green jobs. This is a win-win situation for the economy, for the people, and for the environment.

Posted December 04, 2014
by Gabriel Posternak.


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