Posted December 22, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Board Games: Part 2

So, if you have tried the first top ten eco-friendly board games, perhaps you are ready to explore some more. Thankfully, there are many eco-friendly board games available for you and your family to try. Moreover, there are so many different ages and ranges, that you are sure to find one that pleases everyone or even one favorite that makes everyone jump up and down when you recommend playing it.

These days, children are probably more aware than many adults of the importance of going green, and what better way than eco-friendly board games? Green games are a great way to introduce younger children and reinforce with the older set how important it is to incorporate going green into every aspect of life, and not simply by recycling.

The Yoga Garden – This board game is sure to please everyone. Kids can learn some prime examples of typical yoga poses while learning about Mother Nature, as well.

My First 3 – This game series is perfect for the younger set. While simple in concept, these games keep the action together for the younger children where they can learn about the animal kingdom.

Bug-Opoly – This game is based on getting to know and learn more about the bug species. You can trade them in, collect them, learn about them and either advance forward or move backward with this buggy little game.

Wild Animal-Opoly – With all the trimmings for being a great keeper of animals, this game has it all. Collect all things required to be a good animal owner and you can trade them in for a cozy new habitat for your animal.

Bird-Opoly – If you love your flying furry friends, then this game is for you. Gather up all your birds nests and trade them in for one big tree in order to be the big winner in this game. You get to learn all about the bird species along the journey.

The Sneaky-Snacky Squirrel Game – This game is adorable for little ones and the thing that makes it so eco-friendly as a board game is the fact that the packaging doubles as the game board. This conserves valuable resources.

Home Builders – The makers of this board game were intelligent indeed. Having children contribute to building homes that were destroyed or damaged due to natural disaster in the building and planning is an excellent way to teach about the value of resources going into the future.

Begin Again Treasure Hunt Game – Kids get to learn all about maps and treasure hunts, shapes and objects; however, the wonderful thing about this game board is that it is made from one hundred percent natural cotton.

Vehicle Dominoes - Younger children can hone up their color matching and sets of two matching skills on this harvested maple hardwood board. Being made from local sourced and sustainable wood makes this domino set super eco-friendly and fun, too.

Mancala - An ancient board game requiring two players to accumulate game pieces through a series of moves and captures of the opponent’s pieces. It teaches counting, strategy and patience among other things. There are numerous variations of this game. Depending on which you purchase, the board might be made of solid wood finished with linseed oil or a bamboo version - both of which are 100% biodegradable materials.

Keep us posted if you have any board games you know of that are eco-friendly and your family enjoys too.

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