Posted January 16, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

Top 10 Green Music Bands

If you are like most individuals, you may associate music with lots of crowds, a bit of a mess after a concert, and just as much noise. However, bands these days are getting in on the green bandwagon. Going green is not just an environmentally conscious choice anymore. It has the potential to make or break any business – even the music industry.

Many followers of bands today find themselves looking at the groups as a whole. What do they stand for and what do they represent? If a band goes green, all the better. Today’s artists are aware of the impact that they have with their music and the reach they have, as well. Moreover, it is nice to see that they are doing their part to raise environmental awareness.

Here are a few examples:

1. Guster

Reverb, an environmentally conscious not for profit organization started by the lead guitarist, Adam Gardner and his wife Lauren Sullivan, holds a lot of power in the music and environmental industry. Big names such as the Dave Matthews Band and Sheryl Crow, just to name a few, have joined interests with Guster in their environmental quest.

This particular band has also taken their green activism on tour with them making certain to utilize biodiesel, recycling, and also partaking in local and organic food choices.

2. Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson created Kokua Hawaii Foundation, a conservation education not for profit just a little over a decade ago. Every year there is a festival in honor of this foundation. Moreover, Jack Johnson has worked together with All at Once, which is a way to connect fans with not for profit groups geared toward sharing green tips here and there.

3. Cake

This particular group is proud to boast that its recording studio has solar panels. To be able to say that they now are able to record and produce utilizing one hundred percent solar energy is a big deal indeed.

4. Pearl Jam

If you are not a fan yet, then perhaps the fact that this popular band has gone green will change your tune. Environmentalism is nothing new to this group with over two decades of environmentalism under their wings.

5. Willie Nelson

Perhaps you recall Willie Nelson’s active role in the Farm Aid festival back in 1985 to send aid to American farmers. Millions of dollars have been raised thanks to Willie Nelson’s efforts.

6. Hell & Lula

This particular band can boast that they were a big hit with the Pledge Music Campaign and also can boast that their tour bus runs on waste vegetable oil. They are known for being innovative and successful in their environmental acts.

7. Chris Bathgate

It keeping it real, this singer and songwriter needed to change his ways when it came to touring, so he went green. Chris and the band achieved the goal of raising $10,000.00 to buy a van that ran on vegetable oil. Now when they tour, they tour the green way.

8. Radiohead

Radiohead chose to go green and green up their tours and even their day-to-day activities. On their touring route, trees have been planted, and band equipment is sent via sail rather than land in an effort to reduce carbon footprints. Friends of the Earth is also another movement they are involved in, as well.

9. Green Day

Green Day’s name is appropriate with what they are out to create. The Natural Resource Defense Council was fortunate to have Green Day jump on board their already strong environmental action group. Cleaner energy and the addition of more green jobs are on their agenda.

10. Bonnie Raitt

Founder of Musicians United for Safe Energy, Bonnie Raitt is one of the busiest environmentalists around the music industry. Working to help the No Nukes concert get under way and with Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, and Harvey Wasserman and Tom Campbell to create is where you can find Bonnie Raitt spending her energy.

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