Posted August 20, 2018 by Treeium Inc.

Treeium Announces Exciting Internship Opportunities

The Expert in anything was once a beginner.”

Internships are the best way to get a foot in a door of a career you may never get otherwise. There are many benefits of hands-on experience and internships are simply the best sources of real-world applications, providing opportunities to learn, network and make a difference all while still in school. Some internships give people an opportunity to do interesting work alongside accomplished professionals in a specific field, while others may keep you running around getting coffee. As an intern at Treeium you will be given real responsibility, real work, and a real opportunity to jumpstart your career through an experience you could never find in a classroom. In addition to being given manageable assignments with real world applications, Treeium seeks out and welcomes new/fresh ideas, unique angles, the latest industry developments and delivers hands on assistance to each of its interns. We believe that each suggestion can be utilized for the betterment and growth of our organization. Reinsuring that your input and contributions will have a lasting impression not only throughout your internship but long after you’ve returned to school is the ideology that we support at Treeium.

This past summer Treeium had the pleasure of working alongside our intern Victoria Winters. Victoria, a student at San Diego State University who prior to this internship held various self-created jobs such as babysitting and photography, which made this internship her first step into the corporate world. With Victoria being a full-time student that partakes in extracurricular activities, Treeium was mindful in accommodating a schedule with flexibility that made this arrangement a very enjoyable experience for both Treeium and Victoria. During this time, Treeium had her working closely with the HR manager scheduling interviews, managing phone calls, recruiting via online job boards and school websites as well as over the telephone. Utilizing her previous experience as a student that sought out employment opportunities, Treeium made great strides in the area of recruiting on college campuses. With her keen familiarity in the career sites used amongst a younger demographic,

Treeium was able to expand its reach to a broader audience. While the day to day activities varied and the workload fluctuated she was always encouraged by the positive energy that flowed throughout the business providing a culture of positivity and productivity. One of the greatest rewards for Treeium, was being able to bear witness to the information and knowledge she was able to absorb from the business professionals surrounding her and applying those things to her daily life now that she is headed back to school. From the experiences gained and shared, Victoria is a part of her sororities recruitment committee in charge of recruiting new members and planning recruitment events. For more information on internships and career possibilities with Treeium, be sure to visit us today at

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