5 great ways to spend Earth Day 2016

Posted April 17, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

In 1970 was the year of the first Earth Day, a nationwide rally that mobilized 20 million Americans to become today the major environmental event that gathers 1 billion people worldwide in different eco-conscious activities during the last days of April. This year, a huge milestone will be reached by the United States and China joint signing the Paris Agreement on April 22nd to address climate change and create awareness.

And you can personally join the global efforts on sustainability with this 5 great ways to spend Earth Day 2016 to #Change4Better with your own family and community.

Trees for the Earth - Let’s get planting!

The theme for this Earth Day 2016 is Trees for the Earth to achieve a goal of 7.8 billion trees planted by the 50th anniversary on 2020. Trees absorb CO2, produce oxygen, help lower the temperature and prevent erosion, and planting and watching them grow is a great activity to share with the youngest of the family.

You don’t own a yard? No problem, you can join TreePeople as a volunteer for this particular event or become a regular member.


Reduce food waste

Energy and chemicals needed to produce and transport food are thrown to the landfill with your household food waste and most of it can be avoided with a more eco-friendly approach.

Start a week of waste audit with this tools from the Environmental Protection Agency to detect the opportunities to reduce the goods you buy and the options for food donation or trash recycle.

Create consciousness about food waste could be a great first step to whole waste reduction, recycling and disposal.

Observe and take care of nature

The California State Parks arrange a lot of events this month to celebrate nature like bird and whale watching and trail hiking. Check the calendar for the park near your location and join the Earth Day activities with your family and friends or apply to one of the volunteer programs going on this season.

California holds the largest and most diverse natural and cultural heritage holdings of all US states within 280 parks units, and Earth Day is a great opportunity to praise nature in the flesh ;)


Learn about sustainability

There is always something more to do or a new resource to take care of the planet that we can find out during Earth Day events.

From Earth fairs to solar conversion advising, and from a visit to a water reclamation plant to an arts and crafts workshop check the calendar of the California Energy Upgrade Program and find the perfect event for you with full details.

This type of event is perfect if you are planning to go solar or start a major energy improvement at home to get rid of all your concerns and take that step forward.

Join the environmental movement

This event start with a big rally to create awareness and this spirit of campaign is still alive, so let’s spread the word like those founding green advocates.

Take action on at least one Act of Green and share your pledge in social networks to help reach the goal of 3 billions signs. You can also join the local chapter of the Earth Day Network or become a volunteer in a green organization of your community in the area of your expertise.

Think that being a volunteer will keep you up to date with the latest environmental resources and is a very rewarding activity in itself.


The next April 22nd save the date to join us in the celebrations of Earth Day 2016 with your family and friends and remember to check the calendar for the full list of events. Are you ready to raise the Ecology Flag in your heart?

Posted April 17, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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