Bamboo Decking: The New Green in Decks

Posted June 26, 2013 by Gabriel Posternak

When it comes to bringing nature to the great outdoors, the biggest trend is to incorporate your deck into that equation. Using materials such as bamboo decking and repurposed lumber are the hottest things around for your outdoor living space.

Your guests will more than likely question you about the materials of your brand new outdoor deck. You can proudly say that you went green and utilized natural resources that are sustainable, while you sit back with a glass of iced tea in hand and take in all the compliments.

Bamboo decking is not only functional; it is stylish, as well. Its nature grain beauty, as well as some of its other properties, makes bamboo decking comparable to decking made from high-density hardwood timber.

Bamboo as your choice of material is a wise choice indeed for many reasons. This type of material has a faster growth rate than many other wood trees. Since it is more readily available, it tends to be less expensive, as well. Saving trees and saving money are two great benefits when using bamboo for your brand new outdoor deck.

This type of material is also insect repelling. It keeps different types of insects away so there is much less concern over the care and maintenance of your wood decking. Moisture is another enemy to wood decking, but much less so with bamboo.

Another wonderful component of bamboo, especially for your patio or deck, is that it comes in a variety of styles. There is the distressed type, which will give an authentic outdoorsy feel to it, and there are types such as unfinished bamboo and hybrid bamboo with a mix of some wood along with the bamboo. This still saves trees and, of course, helps the environment.

These bamboo materials are easy to clean and maintain, as well. There is nothing greater than installing a brand new bamboo deck and not having to worry about care and maintenance. This gives you more time to enjoy the great outdoors known as your backyard.

There are many benefits to utilizing bamboo both inside and outside your home. Perhaps you have a kitchen with sliding doors that lead out onto the deck. What better way to incorporate the look of your bamboo kitchen floor than to have it extend right out onto the patio. This will create a seamless look and feel that is truly authentic and unique.

Going green in your backyard means you save money and save trees along with saving the environment. That is a win/win situation all the way around.

Posted June 26, 2013
by Gabriel Posternak.


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