Exterior paint - 4 things to do (and 1 to avoid) when painting your home’s front

Posted August 15, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

A good coat of exterior paint on the front of your home can pump your curb’s appeal like no other thing. It can take out the worn out look from your home to make it look fresh and inviting once again at a very affordable price. With the proper maintenance, this feeling can last for years – provided that you do everything right when tackling the painting job.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of the things you HAVE to do for a successful exterior paint project (with the added bonus of one thing you have to run away from like the plague).

Do your research when picking the color

Some people think that’s ok to just pick a color and go with it. Unfortunately, things aren’t that easy. A bad pick here and your home will look out of touch with the neighborhood, or worse, just plain ridiculous. You have to put some thought in your color choice and there’s plenty to consider – from the color in your roof and openings to the exterior’s materials and home’s surroundings.

The color you pick has to be in sync with lots of things, like your home’s architectural style, the current paint trends and the personality you want to show. Do your homework! Ask experts, read blogs and magazines, and don’t settle for the first option that comes to mind.

Do dare to play with contrasts and details

You can pick a color and make it work for your whole exterior, sure, but the most stunning home exteriors all have one thing in common – a color palette and rhythm. Highlighting key areas of your front is always a winning practice. For instance, you can paint your front door with a wild color; accent swirls, brackets or imposts with a dark tone; or repaint your shutters and porch deck for the ultimate effect.

Be careful, though – you don’t want your home to become a circus tent. Limit the amount of colors you use to 4 or 5, provided they are always on the same color palette and the contrasts are organic.

Do plan your painting schedule

Planning is one of the most important phases in any remodeling job, so it’s no surprise that the perfect exterior paint job is a well-planned one. It’s not just a matter of picking the perfect paint, it’s also about choosing the right time to tackle the project. Pick the wrong month to do it and the weather can ruin everything you do in a couple of rainy days. Fail to anticipate how much time it can actually take and you’ll end up frustrated and struggling with the painters.

Try to anticipate all these things and use them to your advantage. Experts say that the best time to carry out an exterior painting job is when summer is coming to an end, as days are drier and warm. As for how much time will the job, it really depends on how much prep work you’ll have to do and how big your front actually is. Think about those before starting to paint!

Do hire a painting contractor

All of the above sounds like too much work? Then maybe you should consider hiring a painting contractor to handle it all. It will cost you more than if you did it yourself but you’ll be sure that the work is done on time and that all the steps are done with the highest quality. Besides, a painting expert can help you pick the colors, the right paints and tools, and do a more thorough work when prepping your home.


As if all that wasn’t enough, painting is time-consuming and hard work, that will require you to be under the sun all day climbing ladders and doing some fine retouches here and there. If you are searching for the perfect results, you don’t have much choice – you have to hire an exterior paint contractor

Don’t cut corners (especially on the prep work!)

Even if you follow all of the above, you can still end with a disastrous paint job. Why? Because you wanted to save some money or end the job earlier. That’s not how you get quality results! The best paint, the color you want, and the finishes that will make your home look fantastic can come with a price that you should be at least willing to consider. Remember that a perfectly executed paint project can boost your home’s curb appeal and even have one of the highest ROIs around (if you choose to sell).

Painting your home exterior will definitely put a smile in your face every time you get home- and will make your neighbors insanely jealous! Follow these tips and you’ll see!

Posted August 15, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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