How Long Will Your Roof Last?

Posted December 13, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

While it might sound like a simple project, choosing the roof that will work best for you is a bit more detailed. You’ll want to explore the many roofing options available to you today as a homeowner and find the one that suits you best, both functionally and aesthetically. There are also additional factors such as the area of the country you live in. When it comes to the weather, you must take this into consideration as well. If you live in a hot and southernmost part of the country, or in an area that is exposed to more high winds than most, you will also want to consider this.

In short, there are many variables that will influence your roof and its 'performance'. Of course, you'll want to pick a roof that looks great and lasts until you move out of your home. We can't say to you what's best for the first, but we surely can help you with the latter. Here's a quick look into the most popular roofing materials and how long they'll last.


When it comes to roofing, most homeowners prefer asphalt. It’s popular and common for a reason. It’s durable what with its protective granules, and it looks good, too. While most homeowners are mostly concerned with the interior of their homes, there is a lot to be said about the curb appeal, as well. A good-looking durable roof brings value to your home. The cost is fairly reasonable, too, especially when you think that 20 years is a good estimate of how long an asphalt roof will last you.

Metal Roofing

While a metal roof may not sound appealing, there are many finishes that both protect and coat and also offer pleasing-to-the-eye benefits. A metal roof can fit just about any architectural style and the rust-proof coating makes it a long-lasting material. If you want to get more than 50 years from your roof, metal may be the way to go.

Architectural Shingles

Similar in style to asphalt, architectural shingle roofs are another good choice. Since they are made out of recycled materials, many home owners prefer this choice. Architectural shingles are both durable and appealing to the eye. You can probably get about 30 years out of the life span of architectural shingles.

Wooden Shingles

While wooden shingles are not the most popular, some folks still choose them. Wooden shingles require extra measure to ensure they are fire-resistant. They have a nice old-fashioned look to them and create a themed look for the entire home. Many homeowners appreciate the look of cedar shakers, and they can typically get up to 30 years out of them (provided you do a yearly maintenance in them to keep them in top shape).

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is another popular choice because they come in such a variety of colors and materials. The world is your oyster when it comes to tile roofing. It is high on the fire resistance side and is extremely durable and long lasting- they can last up to 50 years

These are a few choices of roofing you can select from for your new roofing remodel project. If you’re considering doing a new roof for your home, you have plenty of options, and thankfully most of them are long lasting solutions, at that.

Posted December 13, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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