Stun your neighbors with these curb appeal improvements

Posted February 21, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

How a house looks from the outside says a lot about its owners so it must be taken care of with as much enthusiasm as the interiors. Besides, there's nothing better than arriving to a beautiful home that welcomes you right when you park outside! And if that doesn't convince you, how about the fact that homes with high curb appeal get the highest selling values and the fastest deals?

If you are planning to sell your home or just want to stun your neighbors with a house that reflects your personality, look at the following curb appeal improvements that will make your home shine.

Improve your entrance with a porch and a new front door

Adding a porch or a sheltered space will dramatically change the looks of your house. Depending on the general design, the size and the chosen materials, it could be a fast and non-expensive project that will turn your home from flat and simple to trendy and sophisticated.


While you are here at the entrance, you should consider updating your front door too. Any effort on improving the curb appeal will be wasted with an old, withered and out-of-fashion door, so take care of it right away.

Pimp up your roof and gutters

While everybody knows that a nice roof adds to the curb appeal of a house, most neglect the decorative aspect of gutters and downspouts. You can bust the elegance of your home by replacing old gutters and downspouts with ones in a material that is more current and durable, and create a rainwater collection system in the process.


If your house needs a new roofing, you might consider going with one of the green roof options available in the market. Ask your contractor about the best fit for your house’s design.

Make up your walls

Shingles, clapboards, and masonry should be flawless if you want your house to stand-out in the neighborhood. Your should get rid of old rotten boards and replace them with the new synthetic ones for a better look with very low maintenance.

For concrete walls, hire a contractor to repair any crack and deterioration and make him check if there is any structural damage that will resurface later on. Trust a professional with concrete jobs because some aesthetic problems are just symptoms of more complicated issues inside walls.


Finally, treat your house with an exterior paint job to blend everything together.

Welcome all the attention with paths, driveways and landscape

A modern front yard design is more than a dull path with some grass patches and planters on the sides. Driving around the best neighborhoods you can see that the most eye-catching houses have carefully design driveways and gardens, and so should yours.

Consult with a landscape designer about the stunning options on eco-friendly pavers and stones for hardscaping and appropriate plants to add splashes of colour in every season. You don’t need a gigantic yard to have a nice garden, in fact there are the smaller spaces that can most benefit with a smart efficient lawn design, so no excuses!


Improving the curb appeal of your house is a very rewarding process, like a personal makeover, so remember to take pics of the before and after process to share them with us… and to gloat on Pinterest and get all the repins.

Posted February 21, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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