Jumpstart your Home Improvement Projects Today with these Simple Financing Options

Posted August 08, 2021 by Treeium Inc.

The world we live in is ever evolving and with it the homes we live in become a more vital part of our everyday lives. Up until recently, the ability to borrow money for a new kitchen, second-story addition, backyard renovation, or any other home improvement project meant going into a bank, meeting with a loan officer and hoping for the best. Today however, there are several options available to help you get on your way to your dream home through financing your home improvement projects. A mortgage broker for example, can offer more than 200 different loan programs and brokers are just one of the many options to put together financing opportunities to fit your situation, even with credit history that may be less than perfect. Surprisingly many of the options enable you to borrow more money than you may think, but with so many competing lenders, loan options, and terms, it also means shopping around for home remodel loans can be challenging. Some of the tips we are offering will allow you to skip all the confusion and land on the right financing program by gathering just a small bit of information:

  • Knowing how much money you need and roughly how much you can get from the start.
  • Narrowing the myriad loan options down to the ones that match your needs and finances.
  • Concentrating on the lenders that are likeliest to provide the type of loan you want.

To further those points, Treeium Inc. proudly works alongside one of the industry leading financial groups in GreenSky that was founded on the idea that payment, credit and commerce could be enhanced using technology while being delivered via an elegant user experience. That innovation paired with a belief that credit could be an asset that empowers and enables individuals and not serve as a distraction or impediment. Today, GreenSky continues to deliver a service that helps business and individuals grow while putting their customers first.

Being in a world with plentiful options, Treeium Inc is also partnered with the world renown Service Finance Company who is a nationally licensed sales finance company and an approved FHA Title I Lender. They provide in excess of fifty financing solutions which include promotional and standard installment terms for home improvement options. Their program strives to provide contractors with the flexibility they require to offer customers the ability to finance their purchases of products such as: HVAC, Windows, Doors, Siding, Sunrooms, Flooring, Water Treatment, Plumbing, Solar, Roofing, Insulation and many more.

Together with Treeium Inc, these amazing financial organizations allows us to offer the lowest rates in the market to our clients. For additional information in getting a jumpstart on your home remodeling project, please reach out to us today and we will gladly further assist in walking you the process step by step.

Treeium, a general contracting company based in California has over 27 years of experience with a specialty in full-service remodeling. With a keen focus on sustainability Treeium remains customer focused and community centric by maximizing transparency through full project visibility. While using innovative methods and delivering top of the line products, Treeium has become a household name in the home improvement and design industry and is committed to providing the highest level of customer service to each and every one of its clients. Modernizing and advancing the industry by fostering in a culture of innovation, the team of experienced professionals are driven to provide a customer first approach to deliver a quality product that fulfills the products satisfaction guarantee. Striving for excellence, while providing greener solutions, Treeium offers a vast array of full home remodeling services that has assisted our clients in turning their dream homes into an efficient, sustainable, eco-friendly reality.

Posted August 08, 2021
by Treeium Inc..


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