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Posted December 14, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

When it comes to describing his company’s mission, Moty Ginsburg is a man of high ambition. As CEO of Treeium, an eco-remodeling company throughout the California coast, Ginsburg doesn’t search for words to describe his plan for the future. “I want to be the Tesla of the remodeling industry,” he says. “We’re here to give our clients an experience that no one else in the remodeling industry is giving, and we’re doing that by focusing on sustainability and the consumer experience.”

Using Technology to Lead in Affordability and Sustainability

Spending the last three decades in management and construction, Ginsburg is no stranger to the complexities of home remodeling projects. To translate client dreams into affordable and beautiful realities, Treeium’s 150-member team leverages technology to invite homeowners into the remodeling process. It’s a business-to-consumer model Ginsburg believes exceeds any other company’s approach by giving clients real-time, digital access to materials, project timelines, budgets, online payments, digital contracts, videos and photos. “Homeowners don’t experience the common frustrations often experienced throughout the typical remodel process,” says Ginsburg. “They always know what is going on, and this creates a level of transparency that helps reduce unnecessary stress throughout the project.”

Believing that everyone deserves to live in the home of his or her dreams, Treeium’s financial experts work closely with clients needing secured and unsecured financing options. “Our no-interest, no-down-payment promotions and low-payment options make it easier to invest in home improvements,” Ginsburg says. In addition to affordability, Treeium emphasizes eco-conscious practices, knowing that a sustainable home carries more value and promotes better health for families. Making use of environmentally friendly products and appliances, the company also reuses packing materials, donates all of its sawdust to local nurseries and recycles all eligible materials. Among Ginsburg’s favorite environmental initiatives, however, is the company’s commitment to plant a tree for every project completed — or over 2,000 trees each year.

“Even in our offices, we do everything with a focus on creating a better environment,” Ginsburg says. “We’ve been intentional about maintaining a small carbon footprint by keeping our offices close to our customer base. We utilize an in-house recycle program, offer water filtration to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles, use energy-efficient lighting throughout each office and are a completely paperless company,” he says.

Beyond working to be good environmental stewards, Ginsburg’s team also heavily invests in one another to bring excellence to the consumer experience. Using an internal software program, every team member remains up-to-date on all client projects, and this plays a large role toward keeping the consumer informed throughout the entire process.

“Client satisfaction can be an elusive concept in the remodeling industry, but it remains Treeium’s central focus simply because the best project in the world means nothing if a client isn’t happy at the end of the day.”

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Posted December 14, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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