Treeium made it to the cover of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Posted November 18, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

“Full bloom” titles the San Fernando Valley Business Journal in the cover of this week edition. Right above it, a picture of Moty Ginsburg, CEO of Treeium, one of the fastest growing private companies as recognized by the Journal. His smile says it all – the remodeling company had a tremendous year with soaring profits and recognitions from all fronts. Full bloom indeed.

The piece is a nice look inside one of the most successful remodelers in the country from its humble beginnings to its fantastic present. And though it’s the story of Treeium, it’s also the story of Mr. Ginsburg and how an outsider from the construction industry was able to buy a small business and turn it into a behemoth with enough room to keep growing.

Ginsburg himself explains how this was possible. “Treeium is a customer service company. We just happen to remodel homes.” He also goes to describe the big part played by the latest technology to manage the ever-growing company and the huge importance of the Treeium team in its overall success.

Mr. Ginsburg also share some of his secrets for growth and also some of the things he’s envisioning for the company’s future. All in all, the article is an interesting and well-written piece that serves to take a peek to a company with a bright future and a very clear mission from which everyone could learn something.

Want to read the whole article? Go to the San Fernando Valley Business Journal now!

Posted November 18, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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