Sulagna Misra's Remodeling Experience

When Dr. Sulagna purchased her home in Woodland Hills, CA she needed to have tile work done. She found Treeium online and reached out for a quote.
My project manager and the entire construction crew was wonderful to work with, their knowledge and expertise made it a very easy process.
She desired to combine the old fashioned entryway with the living room to the kitchen. The different ceiling heights and the lack of natural light made it challenging for us to make the kitchen brighter and keep the clean up to date look which is why we went with light cabinets and countertop to give this kitchen the sleek, modern look .
Moses was our craftsmen and he was an amazing craftsman and installed the tile with great care. They are a team and work as a team. We are grateful. Thanks!
We started with tile replacement and ended up remodeling 80% of her home along with adding a new ADU in the back of her home. We completely remodeled her kitchen, two bathrooms, replaced the flooring and changed the floor plan of the living room.

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