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Home Energy Audit and
Assessment Service
Your home works as a complete integrated system that interacts with the environment around it. And like any other system, if things are not working properly, you lose efficiency and money.

A home energy assessment and whole house plan can help you determine which purchases and improvements will save you the most money and energy. Our team of highly trained professionals will review your current energy consumption and costs to better understand your current energy needs as well as use the latest technology to do a complete home energy assessment. During the inspection, we search for air leaks, gas leaks, HVAC leaks, inefficient insulation, inefficient lighting quality, potential combustion safety issues, and appliance malfunctions among many others.

After the audit is complete, we create a plan with cost effective measures to improve your home’s energy efficiency. The result is a healthier, more comfortable home that will also save you money.

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Your Energy Audit Includes:
Past Utility Bills Review
Room-by-room examination
Air Leaks
HVAC Leaks
Thermographic Scan
Appliance Malfunctions
Gas Leaks
Inefficient Insulation
Lighting Quality
Potential Combustion Safety Issues
PFT Air Infiltration Measurement
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