Here we're working hand in hand with
designers and architects from original
sketches all the way to construction!

Designer´s Corner main vision and goals are focused on both your
clients and your design teams. Our main focus to make sure our
clients are happy with the results in which we deliver and under


General Remodeling

Bel Air, CA

Kitchen Remodel

Los Angeles, CA

General Remodeling

Bel Air, CA

The main benefit is the close communication and efficiency between the design side the
construction of the home. Having one design + build source can absolutely help save money
because of streamlined communication and efficiency of having one office to talk with for all of
the design and construction changes.

Here at Treeium, we have all of our departments under the same roof to
help streamline the process.
Treeium Events
Upcoming Treeium Event

Lunch & Learn regarding Water Conservation
Let's learn from our experts at KOHLER & Cambria here at the Treeium offices. Water is essential to life on Earth. We use it every day for drinking, cooking, cleaning, irrigating, and much more. And while it is such an important part of our lives, we are facing mounting issues when it comes to droughts, flooding, and the systems and infrastructure by which we receive our water. This course covers local and global water supply and demand issues, our current water infrastructure systems and where they are failing, and new technologies and innovations that are helping create more sustainable water solutions for the future. Designers & Members IDCEC (IIDA/ASID/IDC) Class Code: CEU-106653 Subject Code: 5. Technical Knowledge 20. Sustainable/Environmental Design Classification (Learning Level): Basic Designation: HSW_Sustainability Value: 0.1 CEU
Public: Organized by Elizabeth Sondon
December 13, 2017, 12:00 PM
Past events

Earn your CEU course credit at Treeium's Halloween Party!
Public: Organized by Elizabeth Sondon
October 26, 2017, 07:00 AM

Put on your Halloween costumes and come enjoy the evening on with some delicious drinks and treats while earning your CEU credit here with Treeium Eco-Friendly Contractors & office42 architecture.

Our speakers

Stephanie Ragle, Founder of office42 architecture.

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ASID | IDCEC Course at Treeium's Lunch & Learn
Public: Organized by Elizabeth Sondon
September 07, 2017, 11:00 AM

Weatherization & Insulation how it affects Interior Design. Please join and enjoy our drinks, food and goodie bags brought to you by our sponsors:

Kallista & Kohler Co. Energy Rebate Experts

Our speakers

MEIR BARZILAI Treeium's Responsible Managing Officer

ROMAN LEONELLI CEO/Founder Rebate Energy Audit

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