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Plant a Tree! Leave a mark
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Now that you have our tree planting kit, read on to learn more about it!
How to grow your tree?
First, remove all the contents from your mini-greenhouse. Then, empty the bag of peat soil into the bottom of the mini-greenhouse.
Gently add water until every bit of your soil is well-saturated and soggy. Once most of the water drains away and the soil is wet, it’s time to sow your seeds.
Carefully open your bag of seeds and pour them on top of the wet peat. Press the seeds down just slightly into the soil. They don’t need to be buried deep.
Open your bag of white perlite and pour it evenly right over the top of your seeds and soil. Replace the top cap of your mini-greenhouse.
Now it’s time to “cold stratify” your seeds. Place the mini-greenhouse into the fridge and leave it there for 20-30 days. This cold, wet environment gets your seeds ready to sprout.
After 3-4 weeks in the COLD, it’s time to place your mini-greenhouse into a WARM place, like a sunny windowsill. The rapid change from cold-to-warm will help your seeds awaken.
Warmth, not light, is the key to successful germination. The soil needs to get pretty toasty -around 80 degrees, and it’s best if it doesn’t cool down too much at night.
The incubation period for your seeds can vary greatly. It can take up to several weeks. The main thing is to keep the mini-greenhouse in a warm place until the magic happens!
Once you have a sprout, open up the mini-greenhouse for increased ventilation, and place it in a location out of direct light with mild temperatures. Keep the soil just barely moist.
Keep your tiny tree in gentle conditions -not too warm and not too wet. Let the soil dry out a good bit between waterings. Mold is public enemy number one for a sprout!
A month or two after germination, transplant your tree to an open air container in very gentle conditions. After an adjustment period, move it outside to a sunny location.
Tree growing kits produced by The Jonsteen Company
Remember to recycle and reuse
your tree planting kit can!
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Be a part of the initiative! Just take a photo or video while planting the tree and share it on our social media with the hashtag #PlantAMillionTrees. Spread awareness and make something good for the planet. And don’t forget to check Green Giants!
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